Labor Day 2023

Labor Day is more than just barbecues and block parties. It’s a day that was earned — literally — by the sweat of the American labor movement. 

As a former card-carrying member of the Steelworkers, I never forget the difference our union movement has made, either at home or when I am in Harrisburg. From workplace safety to the weekend, from child labor laws to worker equality, unions have built our middle class and helped lift millions from poverty. 

That’s why I look forward to marching every year in Pittsburgh’s Labor Day parade — the largest in our nation!

As Majority Whip, I was very proud this spring to help shepherd so many pro-union, pro-worker, pro-middle-class bills through the House.

We passed HB299 to extend OSHA protection to every workplace. We passed HB413 to protect construction workers from misclassification. We passed HB760 and HB930 to modernize and improve workers’ compensation. We passed HB950 to guarantee a workers’ right to organize and collectively bargain. We passed a bill to raise our minimum wage to $15 and the Labor Committee passed my own bill to establish paid family leave here in PA. 

All of this in the first couple of months, and I can assure you — we aren’t done yet!

This Labor Day I hope you get to spend some extra time with loved ones, hopefully buying as many American-made products in celebration as possible! 

Additionally, I would like to thank all those workers — like our police, fire, EMS, hospital workers, care staff, and others who have no choice but to work on Labor Day. Your efforts are appreciated!

As we return to Harrisburg in the coming weeks I promise that I will continue to work hard to make sure our economy grows for all of us, not just the lucky few at the top. 


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